Contrary to what might have been the case a number of years ago, white label reseller programs are all over the place today. It seems like there is always one company or the other that’s practically just waiting to help you get things done as efficiently as you can imagine. They’ve become so popular that virtually every digital marketing agency has their white label digital marketing and reselling partner.

While this popularity might be a good thing, it could also mean an increase of subpar white label reseller programs. As such, you need to pay particular attention to your white label reseller program provider and ask them critical questions. Doing these will help you determine whether you’re getting unsurpassed white label SEO reseller services or not.

Four Questions You Must Ask Your White Label Reseller Program Provider

  1. How can I track campaigns on behalf of my clients?

Even if they’re not aware that you’re using white label marketing solutions, your clients still want to see results. For this reason, you need a valid means of tracking campaigns. By asking the agency which provides you with unexcelled white label reseller programs this question, you’ll be taking a step in the right direction. As a rule of thumb, their answer should involve some transparent tracking mechanism. That way, you won’t have to rely solely on their reports, and you can see their efforts for yourself.

  1. How do you handle constant Google changes?

Google is constantly changing its algorithms for different reasons. This sometimes makes it challenging for even the best white label SEO services for resellers to keep up. When you ask your service provider this question, their answer will give you an insight into their level of competence. Generally, the ideal company conducts tests and research occasionally. Alongside that, they have diverse marketing programs to cope with the ever-shifting landscape of Google.

  1. Do you include content marketing as a part of your strategies?

As a seasoned digital marketer, you probably already know that content marketing is a no-brainer as far as online businesses are concerned. However, your reseller program provider might not exactly hold the same views. You have to ask them, and ideally, their answer should be yes. If it isn’t, you might be walking on glass here.

  1. Do you have an SEO guarantee?

This is another question you need to ask your reseller program provider. But, unlike the others, here, you should be expecting a negative response. SEO guarantees aren’t reliable because Google is a third-party platform. With the ever-changing algorithms, it is almost impossible to predict what will happen in another couple of weeks or even months. Any competent SEO expert should know this and refrain from making promises on things outside their control. If your reseller program is promising you heaven and earth with specific figures and deliverables, you should be careful. The chances are that they’re merely trying to reel you in as a customer without providing true value.

Before, or even during your time with white label reseller programs, you need to understand their approach to providing you with services. Choosing to turn a blind eye to these questions could prove detrimental to your agency’s growth. However, what’s even worse is hiring a white label company altogether. To avoid doing that, contact Contact Do It SEO for a free demo/consultation: (208) 639-9867.

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