Do It SEO is a revolutionary DIY search engine optimization solution that caters to all SEO needs. The tool guides users on everything SEO, from keyword research to link building and content creation. Close to 50,000 websites worldwide are already enjoying the fantastic benefits of Do It SEO. Plus, it manages more than 4 million relevant links daily and counting. If you’re a private label SEO reseller or wish to become one, you shouldn’t think twice about working with our top-of-the-line SEO automation platform.

How can you become a private label SEO reseller with Do It SEO?

As you must know already, products that work are not difficult to sell. We have many reviews that testify that Do It SEO is indeed the best SEO automation platform, and we have no doubt you won’t have trouble selling Do It SEO.

The company offers potential private label SEO resellers three unique options to make money from white label marketing. Each option comes with numerous benefits and an almost limitless earning potential. Plus, if you’re skeptical about getting your payments on time, you can rest assured that Do It SEO will never delay your payments. SEO resellers get their payment immediately after every successful sale.

SEO Affiliate

This private label marketing option is the easiest to achieve of all. Affiliates do not need any knowledge of SEO before they can earn. All you have to do is refer someone that can benefit from our SEO services for agencies, and you’ll get paid 10% of the purchase fee. The average Do It SEO package costs $399 monthly. We bet you’re already doing the math to know how much you can stack.

SEO Agents

Do It SEO agents will be trained on what the product entails and how to approach potential clients. Your task will be finding your leads and closing the deal. Once you’re able to achieve this, you’ll receive 15% of the purchase fee. The company offers hands-on training and full support to make the job of agents easy. Top agents get to make as much as $10,000 monthly, and even more. You can also build your team of white label marketing agents and earn commissions from their sales.

SEO Reseller

Becoming a full-fledged private label SEO reseller is the most rewarding of the three categories. White label SEO resellers already have their company, and they partner with Do It SEO to provide easy-to-use solutions to their clients. After paying a small fee and completing the application, resellers enjoy a full rebrand of Do It SEO on their subdomain while the company remains anonymous as the service provider. After the rebranding, the resellers sell the product as theirs and pocket all the proceeds from the sale.

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