Seo Simplified

At DOitSEO, what we offer is SEO simplified. With our handy little plugin, the only thing you really have to do is select your keywords. If you need help choosing great keywords, we can help. Once your site has the plugin installed, virtually no human effort is required. Your site will rank higher and higher, without even trying.

Until Cali Style Technologies invented automated optimization, there was no such thing as SEO simplified. Prior to the release of the Blackwood search engine optimization robot, SEO simplified was something that programmers and website owners only dreamed about. DOitSEO is a part of CS Tech, so we are able to offer SEO simplified by way of this amazing and proprietary automated optimization plugin.

There are good reasons why a human SEO coder is able to charge a small fortune for their expert services. There's a lot to know about choosing effective keywords and writing well optimized content. There's no such thing as SEO simplified, unless you use our plugin. There is more to great SEO than simply writing metatags and composing keyword-rich content. There are things such as inbound and reciprocal links to build and install. XML maps must be made. Once these things are in place, the pages must be submitted to the search engines. This part of the SEO process can take more time than you ever imagined. So, you can see that the only real way to obtain SEO simplified is to hire someone to do it for you. Or use an automated, SEO simplified program like DOitSEO. Go with DOitSEO from the beginning, and you will start the right way with the only SEO simplified provider in the optimization industry today. DOitSEO will move your site as close to the top of the first results page as possible. Watch your rankings skyrocket with SEO simplified. Call 760-749-9197 to begin your free trial today!