When it comes to SEO, various options are available, including private label SEO and white label SEO. Both types of SEO have specific applications and advantages. Although many people use the terms white label and private label SEO interchangeably to mean the same thing, there are distinct differences.

Private Label SEO

Private label SEO is a popular approach for outsourcing SEO. This SEO technique allows you to outsource search engine optimization to another company. The outsourced company does SEO under your name or label, hence the name private label marketing. The marketing company will not use its name when conducting SEO for the hiring company. This means all communications from the marketing company to clients will have the hiring company’s name, address, phone number, and logo.

Private label SEO allows companies to build online reputations without going through the rigors of creating an SEO department or division. It also allows companies to work with resellers that provide SEO services for agencies to increase their bottom line, ensuring continuity in the generation of revenue.

One of the biggest challenges with white label SEO is finding the best SEO automation platform. Many firms claim to provide the best private label SEO, making it difficult to determine the one that lives up to its claim.

White Label SEO

White label SEO is quite different from private label SEO. White label SEO firms focus on providing SEO software and fulfillment services to companies that provide digital marketing services. The companies that use products from white label SEO firms are known as SEO resellers.

The SEO resellers typically sell white label SEO products through a private dashboard. SEO resellers provide products under their branding. The primary role of the white label SEO company is to provide product delivery and SEO infrastructure and tools. On the other hand, the reseller’s central role is to sell SEO products and manage relationships with clients.

Services provided by White Label SEO Companies

White label marketing companies provide a wide range of services, including SEO software, sales support, link building, and content marketing.

The main product that white label SEO companies provide is SEO software. Reputable white label SEO companies have private label SEM dashboards. White label SEO applications include audit software, keyword tracking, sales tools, and link audit applications. White label firms usually provide the SEO software to resellers as part of a managed package.

A white label SEO company worth its salt should provide content marketing. However, consistent and reliable SEO writers may not be the easiest bunch to manage. One of the SEO reseller’s primary roles is to provide consistent and reliable content management, including optimized landing pages, article creation, blog content, and guest blogs.

Link building can mean a whole range of things, including guest blogging and posting on forums. Fortunately, link-building tools keep improving and have become more complex and sophisticated.

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