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  • Make Money With Us!

    Make Money with Us!

    We offer 3 unique options for you to make money reselling our services. Each option has amazing benefits and earning potential. Unlike most other commission based opportunities, we don’t hold your earnings back. You get paid instantly at the time of the sale!

    Learn more about this opportunity here.

    • SEO Affiliate - Earn 10%

      Being an affiliate is quick and easy. You don’t have to have technical knowledge or SEO knowledge. You simply refer someone who would benefit from our services and get paid! With an average package of $399 per month your earnings can stack up quickly!

    • SEO Agents - Earn 15%

      As an official Do It SEO we train you on our product and how best to sell it. You find your own leads, close the deal, and get paid! We offer tier one support, hands on training, and tools to make the job easy. Become a member of the most innovative SEO team in the Nation. As a Do It SEO you will be the face of Do It SEO. Meet with companies face to face and show them what it is like to become a client of Do It SEO and earn 15% monthly. Our top agents are making over $10,000 per month! A unique opportunity of being a Do It SEO is the ability to recruit other agents! You can earn 10% of their sales simply for recruiting them to our sales team. You can add as many agents as you would like, however earnings go one layer deep.

    • SEO Resellers

      Have your own company? Then this is the best option for you. As a reseller you get a full rebrand of our platform on your subdomain. We remain anonymous as the service provider. You market the product as your own, under your business name.There is a fee and application process to become a reseller. 

  • Branded Plugin Pages

    Branded Plugin Pages

    With our plugin, we can feed pages that are designed to use your site design and css to blend beautifully with your site. Properly branded plugin pages that create SEO Architecture right on your website that flows perfect from any existing page you have.

    When clients like yourself decide to install our plugin a big benefit is the additional pages and structure that we deliver. The result is a page that not just visibly matches your site, but at it’s core flows perfectly with the coding of your site.

    This means that all your hard earned money you spent to get the perfect website that is responsive, w3c valid, and using all the latest and greatest web coding techniques is carried directly over to the work we do. The best part about this is we do it completely free! No need to read line after line of how to decipher your website code to copy and paste the correct parts in the correct field. Our techs take care of it for you, and usually pretty quickly. 

  • Multi-lingual Support

    Multi-lingual Support

    We don’t want to be limited by borders or language barriers. That’s why our platform was built from the ground up to handle any language and special characters that language may include.

    We have the ability to stream and create our feed pages using any language and special characters. Even our dashboard can be translated into your native language.

    Feel free to add your domain and keywords specific to your target language and include those special characters. We will stream the keyword information and links in that language as well as run our ranking report checks to get the most accurate results using the special characters associated with that language. All link building will be done with that language to ensure the best results possible when using our service.

    We have many sites achieving great results on our free and paid service in countries around the world. Join today and see results in as little as a week!

  • SEO Insurance

    SEO Insurance

    We strive to deliver the best quality possible. We hand review all new signups for relevancy and quality before allowing them in our system. We make sure that every site has a dedicated IP address and original content to avoid spam.

    • Quality

      We pride ourselves with the quality of our link building and network members. We want to provide quality, relevant linking that is effective and safe. To do this we hand review all new members before allowing them to join our platform.

      We keep a close eye on low quality sites with spun content, sites that are part of a bad link neighborhood, sites that contain malware, sites that are loaded with spam, and many other quality control checks.

    • Security

      We even keep an eye on multiple sites joining the same category on the same IP address.

      We have a strict no spam, no link farm policy. We only allow real websites with unique content that adds value to our platform.

      To top it off we give you full control over your link partners. If you do not like a site that you are linking to, or a site linking to you, simply disable the link at any time.

    • Updates

      We have been developing and tweaking our platform for a little over a decade to include every SEO safety factor that we can think of. With each new change in the search engines algorithms comes a new change in our methodologies. This ensures we stay up to date, and more importantly our service remains effective and safe.

  • No Footprint

    No Footprint

    We seek to leave no footprints behind as we are not your average link exchange. Instead we use a very natural news feed structure using handwritten unique content. Our script is server side and translates the feed into html like all other pages of your website.

    We are far more advanced then your average link exchange. There is more going on behind the curtain then sites linking to other sites. We use advanced algorithms to place the links in the best way possible and to minimize the overall footprint and connectivity of our platform.

    We also take precautions with the naming of our files and references to our website to keep things looking as natural as possible and to follow Google guidelines for link building.

    Natural Relevant Linking is our goal, and we think you will agree that we hit the nail on the head.

  • API Available

    API Available

    Have a system of your own? With our API you can pull in our data directly to your own dashboard and offer our service as your own. For details on the API please contact us at our E-mail to talk with our specialists.

    Learn More

    Not only do we offer a complete rebrand option of our platform, but we also offer an API.

    The API allows you to custom integrate our reporting and tools directly to your existing platform. This is a perfect solution if you already have a membership based system of your own.

    Unlike a lot of API based reporting, we do not charge per API call. The API is included with your reseller membership fee.

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