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The Proof is in the Numbers.

Gun shops vary dramatically across the US. How are you going to ensure that traffic is driven to your website? Through our gun shop SEO services, you can gain more visibility in the search engines. It allows people to find you when they are doing an online search. Additionally, they will be able to learn more about who you are and what products you have to offer, even before they get to your website.

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important marketing strategies that you can do for your business.

Tell People Who You Are

Why should people be choosing your gun shop or firearms company? Identify whether you have a storefront or if you are located solely online. When you set up a professional business website and follow other SEO strategies, it helps you with your visibility.

Think about what makes you unique:

  • Your variety of firearms
  • Presence of a shooting range
  • Instruction
  • Carry permit classes

All of these things are useful as part of your gun shop SEO strategy.

The reality is that you do not know what people are going to be looking for. So, you must have an SEO strategy that ensures you don’t get pushed to the bottom of the search engines.

The keywords you choose to focus on should be about your products and what people can expect to find. If you have certain guns or ammo, you may want to include them. For example, if someone looks for a specific handgun in the search, that should be a keyword that helps you become more visible to them.

Build Your Reputation

No one wants to do business with a gun shop or firearms company that they don’t trust. Organic searches establish trust. If Google or another search engine is recommending you within the first page of results, you must be a trustworthy company. As such, SEO practices must be a significant part of your marketing strategy.

You Need Professional Help

Gun shop SEO isn’t just about choosing keywords. It’s also about having the online presence or linking to highly authorized websites as well as other websites that choose to link back to you. This is called reciprocal linking. And this is a large part of a strong SEO strategy.

How We Do SEO:

  1. Links are displayed very nicely with a title for the article that links directly from the site displaying the link to that article on your site.

  2. Then the paragraph which will have a text link for your company name or web address that links directly to your home page. 

  3. Then another image link that is a snap shot of your home page also linking to your home page. This forms a very solid and safe type of link. 

Not everyone is going to use a search engine. Some people will want a “personal” recommendation from a website they already trust. This can be a local directory, a firearms blog, or something else. When you get a link on those sites that send people to your website, it improves your visibility and intern with improve your ranking.

Get Started Today

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be solely your responsibility. Trust the experts at Do IT SEO. At Do IT SEO our SEO services can ensure you gain the visibility and reputation you need to thrive. Contact us today to learn more about gaining the competitive edge to thrive within the firearms industry.

Give us a call or drop us an email, we answer all questions within 24 hours on business days.

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