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Adding content to your website geared towards keywords that you are looking to rank for is always a great idea. You want content that is informative and useful to the visitor, not just keyword stuffed filler text for search engines. We make this process easy with our plugin. You simply add in supporting content for your keywords and our system goes to work marketing that content for your backlink profile.

Rather than just filling your backlink profile with just exact match keyword text links (which would cause negative effects), we build your link profile using the relevant content that you add to your account for each keyword.. This form of marketing is referred to as “Content Marketing”.

How is This Done For My Website?

This is accomplished by first adding a full page of content per keyword to your account with us (we do this with our writing staff for paying accounts). This content is delivered directly to your website through our plugin. This content is neatly organized into silos for keywords that are closely related.

Next you would add unique 75 word descriptions paragraphs for each key phrase. These paragraphs are what we use to build the backlinks from other relevant sites who are also using our service.

  1. These links are displayed very nicely with a title for the article that links directly from the site displaying the link to that article on your site. 

  2. Then the paragraph which will have a text link for your company name or web address that links directly to your home page. 

  3. Then another image link that is a snap shot of your home page also linking to your home page. This forms a very solid and safe type of link. 

Rather than some cheap text link stuck on some random page you have a paragraph of info that links directly to supporting information on your website, a company name link to give you credit for the content you are distributing, and the icing on the cake is the snap shot of your website that gives you authority as the author.

Content Made for YOU!

Rather than posting the entire article all over the place creating a lot of duplicate content, we want to keep that valuable content right where it belongs – your website. Then reference that content with the short paragraph. This gives the link much more weight and gives you better overall rankings in the search engines. This is because you have a relevant title within relevant text, linking to a relevant page. The perfect storm to increase your rankings.

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