SEO Architecture

When trying to improve your rankings for a set of keywords it’s important that your website is well planned and optimized for that keyword set. All too often sites are underdeveloped and only include generic pages like Home, About Us, and Contact Us. It can be very difficult to rank for a keyword when the keyword isn’t even mentioned on your website.

We took that into account with our plugin. A key feature of the plugin isn’t just the link exchange, but the content article building. For each keyword you add to your account a full page is created on your website with that keyword in mind. These pages are also grouped under “silos” of other relevant keywords.

What Does This Do For My Site?

This creates a library of information that is neatly organized and well structured to give your website the SEO Architecture it needs to increase rankings. Even our 5 keyword free plan will create a full page for each keyword. All you have to do is fill in the Full Text box in your account for each keyword with unique hand written content that is informative and supportive of that keyword. 

(This service is done for you with our paying packages).

All You Need and More!

We also create this same architecture with the content marketing for the link building. Links are organized into pages created around your keywords with your short text being at the top of these pages along with a video if you choose to provide one. Below that relevant content shares are neatly organized and well presented. This all contributes to adding additional optimized pages geared towards the keywords in a way the search engines love.

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