White Label SEO Reporting & Analytics

With every marketing campaign you use or goal you set, you will always need a way to track the progress and effectiveness of the campaign. You need to know that your efforts and money are paying off and contributing to your bottom line.

We have developed a sleek user dashboard to do just that. With various tools and graphs you can get an overall picture of where you were when you started with us and how much you progress each week.

You can keep track of your rankings in the search engines for your chosen keywords and view a bonus report of keywords that you didn’t choose, but are improving through the campaign.

What Can I Expect For My Website?

A detailed links report is provided to show all the shares we have obtained for you, where they reside, and a relevancy score that we assign to that link. This report also allows you to easily disable any links that you don’t like.

We even provide what we call a “Google Health Check” that automatically and periodically scans your entire website and finds common errors that can hold you back.

We are always adding new ways to judge performance and constantly upgrading the user dashboard to include great new features, so check your account often!

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