Do It SEO is based out of Los Angeles, California. Do It SEO is an SEO Internet marketing firm, one of the original white hat SEO companies in Los Angeles. This Search engine Optimization Team is the best in Los Angeles. Why would a company with patent pending technology even think about giving away easy SEO techniques? Simply, we want to give small to medium business websites a fair chance of competition online by providing white label SEO. If we can provide white label SEO to top Web Design Firms, those firms can then allow their clients to utilize professional and successful SEO techniques. Getting your business found in the top listings of search engine pages is no easy feat. It requires steady, ongoing work. The adage, “If you build it, they will come,” only works in baseball. To get the best exposure for your business, you need a skilled SEO firm like Do It SEO who can get your site in front of your customer.

How SEO Works

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the art and science of getting your business found on the Web. There are millions of competitors out there, so convincing the search engines to deliver yours to the client is a tricky proposition. Search experts have several white label SEO tactics that they use to achieve this, but the main one is creating content that is relevant for your target audience. To understand how this works, we have to get into the “mind” of the search engine.

If your client types in “Crown New York” into the search engine box, the search engine has a large task on its hands. It has to decide whether the person wants to find a tiara for a pageant, wants to watch “The Crown” on Netflix or wants to get a crown replaced at the dentist. The search engine will use its data to determine exactly what sites are relevant to the user’s search. From there, it will find content on sites that delivers exactly what the client needs.

Here’s where you and your SEO team come in. Your website will be a resource, chock full of useful information on dental crowns in New York. Your blog will explain who needs a crown, how the process of getting dental crowns work and how much a client will expect to pay to have a crown replaced. The search engine will love this information and deliver your site right to the top of the results page.

On-Page SEO

There are several effective and white hat techniques that SEO firms will use to get the search engines to select your page for your client. First, they will create images, captions, meta tags and keywords on your website that will match what your client is searching for. Then, they will regularly update your blog to ensure that not only is your content relevant, but current.

Keyword research is one of the best ways that SEO specialists tap into what customers want and use this data to boost their clients’ ranking. In addition, photos that match your customer’s search and in-depth research will help to boost your ranking.

User-Friendly Websites

Keyword-rich page titles, fast page loading and easy to navigate header bars are vital to your site’s success. The quicker your page loads, the more likely your customer is to stick around awhile, so your Webmaster and white label SEO firm will ensure that your content is always loading quickly. In addition, it pays to have a mobile responsive sites. Put simply, a mobile responsive site is one that adjusts to the type of device that you view it on. If your customer is viewing your site from a mobile device, your site will adjust to fit the screen’s size.

Off-Page SEO

Another way to bring the search engines rushing to your site and catapulting you to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) is to create high-quality content off-page that sends your client back to your site. Having a good social media presence is one of the best ways to do this. With a good social media presence, you can share information about your company and post links to drive people back to your website. A good social media presence means that you can interact with your potential customers in real time through discussions, reviews and photos.

Creating guest posts is another way to increase your company’s off-page SEO. Find other sites in your industry and offer to create posts for their blog, using your expertise to help boost their exposure and their popularity to boost yours. Be sure to link back to your company’s website. Guest posting not only boosts your SEO exposure but also increases your authority as a leader in your field.

Create a User Experience

While content is, in fact, king, it refers to more than just words. Your high-quality content should encompass all forms of content, from videos to images, short recaps, memes, social media and live events. Go live on social media to talk about a major news topic in your industry or create a slideshow of images that your customers will love. Your SEO team will create this content for you and use it to boost your rankings.

At Do It SEO, we use white label SEO tips to create content that your clients and the search engines will love. From enhancing your online profile on social media to creating blog posts that are engaging and building search engine friendly websites, we can help to catapult your website to the top of the results pages.