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If you are looking for WordPress designers in Spokane, WA whom you know you can rely on to produce beautiful, highly functional WordPress websites that you can take over and manage once we're finished; then Victory Media is the right choice for you! Our WordPress designers are some of the best in the business, and we charge industry-low prices for our services. Of course, we have multiple design options, some including content creation. The design option you choose will determine your cost, but suffice it to say that we have an option for every budget.

Should I Use a Child Theme in My WordPress Design?

One of the biggest and most frequent mistakes that individuals and website designers make when designing WordPress sites is that they don't use a child theme. Instead, they use a WordPress parent theme and miss out on the many advantages that come with using a child theme. But what is a child theme, and what are the advantages of using one?

A child theme is an add-on to your current WordPress theme. It inherits the design, functionality, and styling of its parent theme. When modifying a WordPress theme, you will definitely want to use a child theme. Child themes are safe for updates and allow you to build onto the theme with lots of coding, and you never have to worry about losing everything each time the theme updates.

Which is the Best Theme for WordPress Design?

In a real sense, it doesn't matter which kind of theme you use because you can fully customize any web page from top to bottom with a drag and drop design tool like the premium version of Elementor. For most people, the version that costs just $5 or $6 a month will do, and Elementor is worth every penny!

In addition to choosing a great theme and using a premier design tool like Elementor, we can code your WordPress website with custom HTML and CSS. Plus, Victory Media uses all of the best practices in website design for our WordPress clients, creating beautifully stunning websites that look ultra-professional, clean, and modern. We'll even build your sales funnel for you, incorporating any text, images, or video you give us into your design.

Who are the Best WordPress Designers in Spokane, WA?

Beyond that, perhaps more than any other WordPress designers in Spokane, Washington, we work with our clients to bring to life the design they have in mind. Rather than a 'Here, take this,' style of WordPress website design, we work with our clients to get a clear understanding of what they want, and then we build it for them from scratch.

The great thing about designing WordPress websites for our clients is that we can effectively hand over the keys to the site once it's done. We can easily explain everything we do and instruct the client on how to make changes, add new content, change existing content, and do all the things they need to do to keep their site running optimally. Plus, we offer monthly maintenance packages as well.

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