At Salazar Digital, we have vast experience and knowledge providing website design services in San Jose. If you want to learn more about our San Jose website design services, we’ll cover some frequently asked questions about our services.

What kinds of websites can you design?

At Salazar Digital, we specialize in all sizes of websites. Businesses of all sizes trusted us with their web design needs. We have also worked with nonprofits agencies. You can rely on our team to help you build a website that suits your business.

How long does it take to get a new website? 

The team at Salazar Digital will start working on a website as soon as we get an order. On average, we can help you build a website within few weeks, but each client sets the pace of their project. Factors that affect the completion time include the input you provide during the initial stages and your availability with feedback.

How much does a new website cost? 

There’s no suitable answer to this question because every website’s needs are different. A website design cost is quoted based on each client’s needs. Contact us today at 669-290-5566 to get an estimated cost for your new website.

What questions do you ask a potential client before designing a new website?

We ask our clients varieties of questions if they decide to work with us. These questions are meant to understand your website goals and your target customer. Your answers will help us develop a customer-centric website.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes. We offer ongoing support for our clients. But you will be able to change or add anything to your website. We’ll provide you with tutorials to help you through the process.  

What is your response time?

We reply to all emails and calls as soon as possible. You can expect the first response within a few minutes and execute your response with 24 hours.

Which areas do you operate in? 

Our office is located at 1172 Murphy Avenue, suite #208 San Jose, CA, but we have clients all over the US. While we would love to help people in other countries, but different timezone makes our team less effective. 

Are your websites SEO-friendly?

Yes. We build our websites with SEO in mind, and it’s our responsibility to make sure your website is visible online. Hence, we build a 100% SEO-friendly website, and we use best practices on web design as requested by Google.

What makes your web design agency different?

We are a reliable website design company in San Jose. Our websites are custom build. We are here for a long-time working relationship and not just to build your website. Our goal is to make sure your business thrives online. We are different because we care about this goal, and we are committed to helping you achieve that no matter how difficult it may be.

Still have any questions about our website design services in San Jose? Do not hesitate to call us at 669-290-5566.

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