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Brand reputation management is vital to growing a business. If you have a positive brand reputation, it will build customer confidence and loyalty in your product or services and brand, eventually driving sales and growth. In the present cutthroat business environment, many businesses have prioritized brand reputation management, more so when online conversations about your business take place 24/7.

It’s vital for your brand to be seen as an industry-leading and knowledgeable platform and solution for your customers on news sites, online forums, search engines, social media, among other internet sources. At Social Swagger, we’re a leading digital marketing company that provides brand social media management in Malibu. Our team will work with you to grow your online reputation using a combination of digital marketing tools.

Our Brand Reputation Management Services

We offer solutions to fix reputation in Malibu for your business. Our brand reputation management services include:

  • Listing Sites

Reputation is a result is of your actions in the past and your present actions. But not all businesses have the resources or time to manage their online reputation, and that’s where our expertise comes in. Using our reputation management services in Malibu, we’ll help improve your brand’s online reputation by claiming and verifying information on listing sites.

Surveys reveal that 24 percent of consumers first contact a business using the information they obtain from listings. Being listed on directory sites does not benefit only customers. Search engines also choose which businesses appear first. For example, Google combines data from directories and review sites to give users the best results for their searches.

That’s why businesses with missing or inaccurate details are less likely to appear. If your business is already in directory sites, we will confirm whether all the information is up-to-date.

  • Press Release

An authority-driven press release from our press release agency in Malibu can help strengthen your brand reputation. This can be done by emphasizing the results and research within your business. Your brand can be affiliated with industry leaders, celebrities, and trusted media outlets. For instance, if your press release says, ‘as seen on Fox News,' that can help you boost your credibility.

And in the unfortunate event of a crisis, sending a press release can go a long way in breaking the negative perception that may spin out of control on digital media. Getting the information out first prevents fake news from spreading to the public.

  • Social Media Reputation Management

With the aid of our social media management company in Malibu, you’ll be able to monitor and track negative interactions and reviews concerning your business. This is crucial for businesses as customers mostly trust brands after reading comments or reviews that are positive, helping you get a loyal following. We’ll encourage users to get in touch with you directly rather than posting negative feedback for others to read. One effective way of fighting negative feedback is by blog posting. That way, people querying your services or products will access more information from you than through other online platforms.

Improve Your Brand Perception, Online

Today, reputation management on social media covers more channels: business discovery apps, online review sites, and business directories. All these digital spaces allow consumers to voice their experience with a business. Ultimately, our goal when it comes to brand social media management in Malibu is to positively shape the customer perception of your business. For all your brand social media management needs, call us today on 818.707.5507.   

brand social management Malibu
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