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Before hiring a marketer, you should do your research to ensure that you choose an Atlanta Internet marketing company that knows who you are, what you do, and how to help you get where you are going. There are many different aspects of digital marketing, such as content marketing, website marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, PR marketing, etc. However, Internet marketing can really be simplified into two distinct categories:

1. Research
2. Strategy

Regardless of your Internet marketing specifics - such as your budget and which means of Internet marketing you utilize - your Internet marketing campaigns will only be as successful as your research and strategies are. Let's consider this principle a little more closely to get a better understanding of which type of Atlanta Internet marketing company you ought to work with.

Internet Marketing Research

For the sake of this example, let's say that you want to utilize email marketing, social media marketing, and PR marketing in your Internet marketing campaign. What might the research look like? To begin, you would need to establish exactly who you are trying to get your message in front of. The Internet (especially social media)makes researching and finding individuals based on any number of factors or demographics extremely fast and easy. For example, we can find people based on likes, preferences, gender, age, civil status, ethnicity, nationality, etc.
Research is about finding the people you want to market to. In some instances, depending on a wide variety of factors, one Internet marketing platform might be more ideal for an individual than another. Therefore, research is about finding the right people in the right places.

Internet Marketing Strategy

The strategic part of Internet marketing is about planning and executing plans based on the research that you've done. It goes without saying that research continues throughout the entire Internet marketing process. The strategy portion of it takes the information that you acquire from research and decides what to do with it. For example, the issue of strategic ad placement comes up. You could have the best products or services in the world in addition to the best advertisements in the world, but if you do not place them properly, they will not convert. In fact, they will hardly even get clicked on!

Further, based on the research that you've done, you can customize or tailor your message to the specific demographics or the specific individuals whom you are targeting to make your message as personalized as possible and to deliver them in the right way and at the right time.

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